Before Anything Else, Thank You

I started writing online content in 2013.

There were several reasons for the start – I wanted to do something in my spare time that was a bit more productive than selecting and training six Pokemon to beat the champions, there were several personal and work crises that I needed to take my mind off, and I felt that I had a few more gifts in my bag which I wanted to put out there.

In 2013 I started writing e-books. It was a great idea – paperless books, anyone could write, and there were outlets to publish, sell and promote the work.

I wrote about golf, which was, and still is, my passion. I put out four e-books on golf. To date, five years later, I have sold exactly zero books.

But it was all right, not selling anything. The main purpose of those books were to remind myself what I learned about golf and more importantly, how to play it well. I credit those books as one of the reasons I am a better golfer today.

This blog started as a promotional support for those books, although honestly, at this point in time I’m using this blog for reasons quite different from what I had when I started back then. In other words, I’m not expecting that all or anyone reading this to buy my e-books.

One of these days maybe I’ll go over them again, maybe pull out some, or just distill all of them into one book.

Anyway, I wrote because I felt I had something to say, and I put it out in the chance that it might help other people.

To date, I have exceeded 200 likes and around 22 people follow me, which is more than what I had hoped for. I had expected that my blog go the way of my books, published but unread.

There was a time when what I wrote sounded too preachy or commanding, which wasn’t exactly a good tone if I was going to engage others into reading my material.

I had to consciously edit out any tone of arrogance, false modesty, and command. These days I always reread the stuff I wrote before I published it and I had a simple rule of thumb – I pretended I was reading someone else’s material – if I didn’t like it, I took it out.

When I redid this blog I expected that this would follow the way of my books – to be published, but unread and not liked. But I went ahead, just so I can keep a record, if only for my personal use, of my hobbies – golf and guitars.

So I’m a bit surprised that some people have actually read it and have liked it.

To all of you, thank you.

As I’ve grown older I have learned to do and say a few things I should’ve learned much earlier, but it’s never too late, I guess.

And these words and actions I’ve learned are – to wave and smile, to say I’m sorry, and to say thank you. In my old age, I can still learn, I can still change.

And I have used these words in some part of my life before, again – sie sie, toshia, obrigado, gracias, salamat, terima kasih, thank you.