Three Breeds of Hound Dogs

I think we all know this kind of Hound Dog:

Of note here is guitarist Scotty Moore’s playing. To me he’s one of the more underrated guitar players. Before the era of overdrive he was playing searing lead solos.

And then we move on to the original Hound Dog:

Man, Big Mama Thornton’s voice startled me at the beginning of the song. And I listen to Van Halen and Nirvana.

Her voice is unbelievable, making Elvis sound like a little whining puppy.

And so the white man steals the black woman’s song and another black man steals it back:

I’ve posted this video before, but I’m posting it again because I can’t have enough of it. This guy is off the charts.

What ether does Jimi breathe that he turns the song on its head and come up with this version two dimensional planes away from the other versions?

Fifty years later, that cool cat doesn’t stop sweeping me off my feet.


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