Hobbies and Splitting Hairs

Human beings are odd creatures.

We engage in hobbies, basically useless activities that have almost nothing to do with finding food and shelter and raising a family.

Stamps, trains, computer games, TV, golf, guitars. We look at others with amusement, not being able to imagine what others find so fun in doing something useless when we actually are doing the same thing in another hobby.

My apologies for ranting about Hendrix lately. I’m a late fan.

In the seventies, I knew he was a great guitarist, but I never liked his songs.

The nearest I came to liking one of his songs was in the nineties upon hearing Sting’s version of “Little Wing”, where I heard some out-of-this-world playing by Hiram Bullock:

But this was his take on a Hendrix song, so it wasn’t the cat himself.

So I got into Hendrix the first time early 2017. You could say I was 40 years late in appreciating his genius.

But as they say, better late than never.

In fact, when I got Jimi I didn’t know any Hendrix song yet, and I was just listening to about 3 of his songs.

Is it possible that my guitar Jimi prompted me to learn his songs? Maybe it wasn’t proper to have a white Strat like Jimi’s without at least learning one of his songs.

The cat even has his own signature Strat decades after he moved on:

I was actually tempted to buy a guitar like this in the ads, but I thought of my own Jimi and resisted. Eventually it got sold quickly and I was considering buying this same one from Ebay but again I resisted because again I had Jimi.

And then I thought of modding Jimi with a lefty neck and a Jimi Hendrix loaded pickguard that had pickups arranged in Jimi’s odd setup:

Again I resisted.

I’ll go out on a limb and say that even if I mod Jimi, the improvements will be very minor and trivial.

Well even if the improvements will be drastic, I still like Jimi the way he is right now, that’s the whole argument.

So passes another crisis with my GAS without adding another guitar, which is good.

This is the point in my hobby where I’m trying to prevent any action which us just splitting hairs, meaning the difference of a potentially new guitar and one that I have is so small that it looks more like i have duplicates already. It’s really time to stop, or at least slow down big time.

This is part of my hobby, mentally going to and fro between buying and not buying and modding and backing out, and this kind of thing takes days of my time. What I do for fun.

And just to drive home the point, I’m learning my third Hendrix song without even using a Strat:

In other matters, my son has beaten me – he plays his guitar regularly in school programs at the age of 13, while his 55 year old dad has never stepped up on stage with a guitar:

I’m really happy my son has outdone me. A better version of myself, hopefully.

It seems that the Strat swap between father and son worked out, he has used the swanky Made in Japan red Strat in public while I brought home the beat-up partscaster.

I’m also starting to like Plank more, it’s getting more playing time, so it seems I did something right with the mods:

And so goes my hobby. If anything else, it has helped me through my alcohol detox.

So it’s like enjoying a pastime to avoid a more dangerous one.


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